VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With kids heading back-to-school in just a couple of weeks, BCAA has launched a new campaign to help drivers be more aware.

The “Slow Down, Kids Playing,” signs are now available.

The free signs go up on your front lawn and the idea is to remind you to be extra careful as we’ll see an increase in kids walking and playing in residential neighbourhoods.

Alex Carr with BCAA says those between five and 14 are at the greatest risk for pedestrian-related injuries or deaths.

The Coroner’s Service says every year 2400 kids are seriously hurt and about 30 die across the country.

“There is research out of the US that indicates kids who talk on cell phones are one third more likely to be hit or nearly hit by a car,” says Carr.
She adds driver behaviour is a huge problem, despite repeated warnings.

People still speed, make U-turns, stop in no-stop zones and back up on crosswalks.

“Slow down and be prepared to stop in areas where kids might be around, expect the unexpected,” Carr suggests. “Know that kids can dart out from behind cars, they could jump in front of you to chase a ball in the street.”