SURREY (NEWS1130) – While investigators are characterizing Thursday night’s shooting in Surrey as gang-related, a man who’s written about the Surrey gang scene and considered the victim a friend, doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case.

Ranj Dhaliwal, the author of Daaku, got to know shooting victim Chris Pammenter when they lived in the same neighbourhood and Pammenter ran a gym that Dhaliwal frequented.

Dhaliwal says Pammenter wasn’t affiliated with any one criminal pack.

“I don’t think he was in any particular gang. He had a lot of friends all across the board. Just like a lot of guys in the underworld, they are associated with many different groups. That’s how business is conducted these days.”

But he was the type of guy who probably had a lot of enemies.

“Chris was an aggressive guy. He wasn’t somebody to back down from anyone, so I wouldn’t say specifically that the shooting would be gang related, just knowing Chris and how his anger was fuelled.”

Pammenter was gunned down on his Fraser Heights driveway.