VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you watch Canucks games, you often see them in their skin-tight body suits doing everything from hand stands to holding up props and signs, basically anything to mess up the other team’s players in penalty box.

Now, all that work has paid off.

The Green Men are in a contest to be the ultimate fan, one of three possible winners to be inducted in ESPN’s Hall of Fans. They’re the only Canadians and the only hockey fans among the top ten finalists but something else makes them stand out.

“No one is stupid enough to wear a full green spandex suit to a game and look like an idiot but I am,” says Force, who is a part of the Green Men duo.

Being green isn’t as easy as you might think.
“I can’t drink beer… I can’t go to the washroom, which is a big problem. I can’t eat. But you know, it’s worth it; if the Canucks win, if the opposition gets mad, and if the fans are happy, I’m completely on-board with it and that defines what a super fan is,” explains Force.

These are just some of the reasons why he thinks he and his other half, Sully, are better than the rest.

“I think we’re the greatest fans because we have the biggest impact on the game; you can ask anybody that. We disrupt the opposition and that’s the ultimate goal,” adds Force.

Out of 10,000 entries, ten finalists are left, but the Green Men need your help in becoming one of the three winners. To cast your vote online, go to