RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – The man accused of torturing a kitten on a cell phone video faces a pile of unrelated charges when he hits court.

Jordan Dale Lucas was picked up by Transit Police three days ago.

Lucas was found behind a dumpster at Richmond Bridgeport Station with fake ID, and tried to run from officers when confronted.

He was already wanted by Vancouver police on earlier robbery charges and possession of weapons.

Anne Drennan with the Transit Police says when they brought Lucas in, the animal cruelty charges had not yet been laid.

“It was a good arrest for us,” she says. “We’re very pleased to know it’s a really good arrest for the SPCA and after speaking to them, they’re very happy.”

Drennan adds that Lucas will remain in jail until he heads to court on August 30th to face all the charges.

“He will be facing a litany of charges: the VPD charges, robbery and weapons, our new charges from Transit Police and SPCA charges,” she says.