VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Forest fire crews in the Lower Mainland are still on high alert despite some cooler temperatures and a few showers.

Donna MacPherson with the Coastal Fire Centre says even though the ground might seem damp in the mornings this time of year, dew isn’t going to make much of a difference.

“The trees themselves are dry now, so it’s going to take a fairly profound rain to get down into the root systems to re-hydrate those trees. It’s going to continue for awhile until we get some heavy rain,” notes MacPherson.

She says a campground evacuation near Harrison Mills over the weekend shows just how quickly even a small, contained fire can spread.

“We’re asking people to continue to be very careful when they’re out in the forests.”

So far this year there have been 157 fires along the South Coast and Vancouver Island. That compares to an average of 217 fires.

There also continues to be no campfire ban anywhere in the Coastal Fire area.