VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Stopping for a “Big Gulp” could soon be a thing of the past in New York City if mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way.

As the Big Apple wrestles with a ban on large soft drinks, we’re finding out if BC could follow suit.

But don’t worry soda fans. Dr. Perry Kendall, BC’s Chief Medical Health Officer, says while he would support restrictions on sugary, carbonated drinks, such bans doesn’t address the greater problem.

“We need to start more broadly with what governments and communities can do, which is, including education, ensuring we have access to healthy foods, which is ensuring that people can afford the healthy foods, menu labelling, etcetera,” notes Kendall.

He feels it would be better to try and work with the producers of those drinks than against them.

“I think if we started immediately with a ban on say, supersized sugary drinks, I think we run into a lot of opposition from the industry and that might set us back in terms of what we could do in partnership.”

Kendall adds a soft drink ban also doesn’t address the creation of what he calls ‘obesegenic environments’ which reward the reduction of physical activity and the distortion of meal portions.

New York City’s mayor would like to ban the sale of soda drinks above 16 ounces, while Ottawa’s top doc is also mulling over a pop ban — ideas which so far don’t have a lot of public support.