VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The BC SPCA is calling for a long-term solution that gets to the root of the problem instead of a ban on pit bulls after a little girl was attacked in White Rock last month.

Her parents want pit bulls made illegal but Lorie Chortyk with the SPCA says banning specific breeds doesn’t work.

“They don’t get to the root cause of dangerous dogs because it’s really a matter of getting to dangerous behaviour in every breed of dog,” believes Chortyk.

She says owners who don’t look after their dogs simply turn to another breed if a ban is put in place.

Chortyk adds the key is addressing the owner’s bad behaviour not the dog’s.

“And that’s why we really have to get to the route of the problem so that we’re not punishing good dogs in a breed. There are so many beautiful, gentle pit bulls out there that you don’t want to sweep everybody with the same brush.”