TAMPA BAY, FL (NEWS1130) – The Republican National Convention is cramping four days of speeches into three after Tropical Storm Isaac threatened to hit Florida.

The Tampa convention features a list of speakers that are set to introduce the American people to a softer side of presidential candidate Mitt Romney

The main message Republicans will try to convey is that Romney is the man who can turn the US economy around. They will also try to use the convention and the media coverage it gets to help the country get to know Romney.

Many political surveys indicate that the majority of the country does not yet have an emotional connection to him, as they do to Obama.

Leading republican strategist Anna Navarro shared her advice for Romney with CNN.

“I’m not sure that he is going to out joke or out dance or our jive or be like Barack Obama but what  he does need to do is establish a relationship of trust with the American people, and in order to trust him, first they’ve got to know him.”

The role call that will lead to his official nomination by the end of Tuesday will begin when the convention opens and will close out tonight with a speech from Romney’s wife Anne, who will describe him as she has known him over forty years.