HOPE (NEWS1130) – Tow truck drivers from Hope have hit the big time. They’re stars of a brand new reality TV show that starts airing on the Discovery Channel this Tuesday.

The show is called Highway Thru Hell, and it takes viewers through a typical winter season from the perspective of tow truck drivers having to rescue cars and people on the Coquihalla Highway.

Ken Andersen with Jamie Davis Towing is sworn to secrecy about the show’s eight episodes. But he does let slip that the season kicks off with a highway fatality.

He says the guys are stoked about their starring roles. “Some of the guys have been developing egos, but they have been told to calm down.”

Tuesday’s debut will be a bit of an event in the small town.

“They’ve rented a theatre, and we are going to be at the theatre for the opening show and probably two or three hundred other people who have been invited,” explains Andersen.

He hopes people will come away with a better understanding of the dangers the company’s drivers face when dealing with the Coquihalla and other drivers in wicked weather.

“You’ll be amazed about what we and the towing industry goes through,” he says. “It will be nice to see people finally recognizing and appreciating the industry.”

Filming for the second season has already begun.

The first episode airs Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.