VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A group of people living in BC are one step closer to filing  a class action lawsuit over smart meters.

The group Citizens For Safe Technology wants British Columbians to have a choice in the use of BC Hydro’s smart meters.

Director Una St. Clair argues the use of wireless frequencies in these meters is bad for your health. She says 100 people with medical proof that smart meters are harmful back-up the human rights complaint.

“The argument is that BC Hydro has no right to come between the patient and the doctor and we all have the right within our own homes to live as we choose,” claims St. Clair.

But health concerns are not the only reason the group filed the complaint.

“This is a first step in the march to regain civil, and human, democratic rights, as we exercise our choice within our own home to live the way we choose,” says St. Clair. “More and more people need to protect themselves within their homes. So the next step is to further refine the information for the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and we move ahead with that class action.”

The group has up to 20,000 members from across the province. If you wish to join the complaint, St. Clair says you can contact them via their website.