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Posters in support of men's rights ripped down in Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There is backlash from both sexes after posters supporting men’s rights were ripped down in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

Some of the posters read “Stop violence against women, but not men, because men don’t matter — despite being more often the victims of violence.” Many of the posters have been either taken down or defaced.

News1130 hit the streets to find out what you think about the controversial message. Men and women we spoke with say they should be left up because we don’t hear enough about men’s rights. They also believe Vancouver is an open-minded city.

“I can understand that there can be violence against men as well. I don’t agree that they’re being ripped down,” says one man.

“I think these posters should definitely be good to go. I mean, anyone who’s against violence against either men or women, I’m all behind that,” adds a Vancouver woman.

Others say if you don’t agree with the movement, then don’t look at the posters — but no one should have the right to vandalize.

“You don’t hear a lot about [men’s rights] and that’s the surprising part. It is very surprising that they’re being ripped down. Definitely, they should go back up. You see signs up for everything around here and to select which ones we put up and which ones we don’t, it’s a little bit ridiculous,” explains another man.

In a written statement to News1130, the founder of the local men’s rights blog MasculisM.ca, which is behind the movement, says he got involved because of his experiences on the Downtown Eastside.