VANCOUVER (NEWAS1130) – Vancouver’s once booming gaming industry has been on the decline, with studios including Radical, Rockstar, and Propaganda all shutting down.

Some of the remaining industry heavyweights have attended a town hall-style meeting in Vancouver to develop possible solutions. Gaming executives from the likes of EA, Blue Bat and Microsoft discussed the job losses and project cancellations in the city since 2009.

NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert was also there; he believes making our tax credit policy more competitive is part of the answer. He says there were some good ideas on how the province could maintain and grow the industry.

“However, what I was told was the BC Liberals in the current government have pretty much turned a cold shoulder to the video game industry and won’t even have conversations about how to deal with the challenges currently facing it.”

Right now, BC has a 17.5-per cent tax credit for game developers but Ontario and Quebec offer a  37.5-per cent subsidy.