VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The two fires in Stanley Park this past week has Vancouver Park Board commissioners thinking about long-term measures to prevent future arson attacks.

Vice-chair Aaron Jasper says park board staff are now looking at options.

“We need to look to the future and contemplate a long-term security plan for the park. Would that entail security cameras at some of the buildings? Would that entail permanent 24-hour presence in some areas? All of these would be on the table,” notes Jasper.

He admits having surveillance devices in the park might prove unpopular.

“Having cameras would be a costly endeavour. We want people to feel safe and be able to come down to our parks and not feel that it’s a police state. We don’t people feeling that they are under 24-hour surveillance just to come down with the family.”

Dumpster fires were set at Malkin Bowl and Brockton Oval. The fire at Brockton Oval resulted in $200,000 worth of damage. The fire at Malkin Bowl only did minor damage.

The two fires come only months after a blaze destroyed the popular Stanley Park kids train station.