VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Wildfires in Washington State is one of the reasons we’re seeing that strange-looking haze around the Lower Mainland.
The sky is darkened and hazy in a lot of areas over the Lower Mainland.
South Surrey and Delta callers have been seeing a lot of this.

Metro Vancouver Air Quality planner Julie Saxton confirms the haze is in fact a result of fires.  

“Where we are working right now, everything is a pinky-orange, an indicator of smoke in the air from a fire. It is not at a low level though, it is up quite a ways but the cloud appears to be forming on the bands of the smoke that you see in the sky.”

Saxton says there are no health warnings because of it.

“We are keeping a very close eye on conditions, and if people are concerned they can go to to find out about local air quality indexes for their area.”

BC firefighters are also on the front line in Wenachee over 1,300 square kilometres have been scorched.