RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – The Canada Line was supposed to be completed in time for the 2010 games, and it was — sort of. The City of Richmond is looking to finish off a part of the system that ends somewhat abruptly.

If you’ve taken a trip down to Richmond Centre, you know how the Canada Line ends suddenly in the middle of a pillar south of Brighouse station. Ted Townsend with the City admits it’s not very visually-appealing.

“Basically, the end of the guideway, you have a large expanse of unadorned concrete there,” he explains.

A report headed to council next week calls for a $500,000 public art project to spruce it up. That could be an electronic screen, or it could include lighting; it’s still anyone’s guess.

“Once we get to the process of actually going to artist’s call, we would develop some parameters around what we think might be suitable for that site and then we would leave it to the artist to come back to us with their vision,” outlines Townsend.

He stresses the idea is still in the preliminary stage and would hinge upon negotiations with InTransit BC and TransLink as the guideway is technically their property.

As for extending the Canada Line further south down No. 3 Road, Townsend feels that is highly unlikely to happen.

However, he is still hopeful about plans to add a station at Capstan Way. “Earlier this year, I believe, [we] finalized the funding formula for how and when that station will be built because it’s going to be basically paid for by new development.”

Townsend says once a critical mass of units needed to build it is reached, then construction can begin. The City estimates it is already two-thirds of the way towards the funding cap and Townsend hopes the station can be built within the next five to seven years.