VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – One of Vancouver’s most iconic buildings is up for sale.

Canada Post is expected to leave the historic West Georgia property in 2015.

When the building opened back in 1958, it was the largest welded-steel structure in the world. The building takes up an entire city block.

“It was built for a time when we were more located downtown; a big feature for that was a tunnel underground that goes right through to the port. You could get mail by train and all types of things,” explains John Hamilton with Canada Post.

A new mail processing centre is being built at YVR.

“We also have to figure out where we’ll set up our carriers because right now, you have depots within that building. We need to find spots for them, as well. Nothing’s going to change [for those employees] for some time,” says Hamilton.

He adds there’s no specific deadline for the sale yet.