VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Enbridge is piping up, asking protestors to just let the Northern Gateway pipeline review process happen without interruption.

“We have an excellent plan,” says Ivan Giesbrecht with Enbridge. “We have an excellent proposal that we are communicating to the joint review process. This is a very rigorous examination.”

Giesbrecht tells us the review will explain everything. “This is a very thorough overview and cross-examination of the project by engineers, by marine experts, by safety experts… that are questioning our plan, and we are responding.”

He says Enbridge’s marine safety plans will introduce major enhancements that will make BC’s north coast safer for all mariners, and wants protestors to do take a look at the completed research.

Written statement from Enbridge:

Enbridge Northern Gateway respects the rights of all Canadians to make their opinions known through appropriate means, including peaceful demonstration. We disagree with many of the suggestions being made by protesters, including the claim that there is an existing tanker moratorium and that tanker spills are unavoidable. BC has a long and safe marine transportation history, including oil tankers. Our marine safety plans will introduce significant enhancements that are not currently available on the BC north coast, making the area safer for all mariners. Our entire pipeline application, including the marine safety planning, is being reviewed in a rigorous, scientific manner right now by the Joint Review Panel from the National Energy Board. We believe this is the appropriate forum for evaluation of the Northern Gateway Project. We ask that people allow the process to proceed respectfully and follow along to learn more about the significant measures we’ve proposed to make this project a model of world class safety.