NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – Another serious security scare for SkyTrain passengers, the third since Friday.

This time it happened at New Westminster Station.

Around 9:30 p.m. Monday, a man on a bike approached a station attendant at the New West SkyTrain Station and said he found something they might want to see.

Anne Drennan with Transit Police says he produced a piece of pipe. “Approximately fourteen inches long, one inch pipe. The pipe was wrapped in black tape.”

Drennan says when the station attendant saw it, they decided to refer it to the Transit Police, who found something white on one end.

“They decided it was suspicious looking enough that they should call the Explosive Device Unit,” she explains.  

The item was moved by robot to a safe location for examination.

SkyTrain staffers have been doing extra sweep inspections of all stations after two incidents on Friday.

A passenger noticed a contraption as he was riding the train between Scott Rd. and Gateway station. It was three metal canisters with an explosive device attached.

Transit Police say the canisters were not filled with any dangerous material, but the device they were strapped to was capable of an explosion. The canisters were red, and about two feet long.

Yet another questionable package was discovered Friday night at a SkyTrain station, this time at the east entrance to the Metrotown Station.