VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Despite many warnings from Vancouver Police, some seniors continue to get scammed out of cash and jewellery in a “lucky jade bracelet” scheme.

There have now been seven cases reported in the city since June; people have been duped out of about $115,000.

“The victims have been approached on the street by a group of three to four Asian women who speak Cantonese. In some instances, an Asian man has also been involved,” explains Sergeant Joe Chu.

“Victims are advised to go to the bank and get out on average $20,000 cash,” he tells us.

“On a few occasions, the bank tellers have said ‘This is kind of odd; what are you taking this money out for?’ If you are working in a financial institution and you see this kind of behaviour, please let the police know,” he adds.

In most cases, the Chinese seniors were told they were being followed by an evil spirit that would bring their family bad luck. They are then given a bracelet worth nothing, or a bottle full of “blessed mystical water.”

Chu notes the crime is difficult to investigate. “The victims were very reluctant to even come forward and report this. [It's the] embarrassment factor… you know, the money is already lost.”