VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You’d better enjoy “Dude Chilling Park” in Vancouver while you can! A talented mystery sign-maker’s work is going away.

Last week, someone swapped out the sign at Guelph Park in Mount Pleasant with a fantastic counterfeit, and “Dude Chilling Park” was born.

Park Board Vice-Chair Aaron Jasper says they got a good laugh out of it, but the old sign goes back up today. “Kudos to the guys who crafted the sign. It was a good replica, but at least for the foreseeable future, that park will remain Guelph Park.”

“Obviously, someone has a bit of an artistic flair with a bit of spare time on his hands.”

The park is getting its proper name back today.

We asked Jasper if there is any chance the laid-back name could return officially.

“I’ve actually had a few emails and Facebook comments to me, personally, saying we should keep it,” he admits. But “even if we were willing to entertain ‘Dude Chilling Park,’ we don’t have the process in place to allow us to do that.”