VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – What’s in a name? It depends on who you ask!

A battle is a brewin’ in the local craft beer industry over the term “Cascadia.”

Steamworks Brew Pub in Vancouver has been moving to protect its trademark on the word; for years, it has used it to name its Cascadia Cream Ale.

But Vancouver beer blogger Chuck Hallett (or Barley Mowat, as he’s known online) says the term “Cascadian dark ale” has come to describe a Pacific Northwest style of beer, and about a dozen breweries offer beers described as Cascadian dark ale, much like you’d see a lager or a pilsner.

“This is another name for a black IPA,” he argues. “Cascadian dark ale is a recognized style of beer, brewed around the world. ‘Cascadian’ has become just a generic descriptor to mean a hopped up version of the original style.”

Steamworks has asked local brewers to stop using the term “Cascadia” and Hallett suggests that’s nonsense, claiming many local craft brewers agree. But he says most small brewers he’s been in contact with don’t have the resources for a legal fight.

“They’ll simply name [their beer] something else; they’ll call it just a CDA or a black IPA. But some have said no, they’ll keep calling it Cascadian dark ale.”

Could this perhaps open up a bitter battle?

For those particularly particular about their beer, Hallett says Steamworks’ Cascadia Cream Ale wasn’t even a true Cascadian style brew, as it lacks the typical hoppiness.