VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – When it comes to horrific crimes and notorious killers, BC stacks up pretty well to the rest of the country; that’s clearly illustrated in a new special issue of Maclean’s Magazine.

Russell Williams, Paul Bernardo, and Karla Homolka are all featured in the issue called the ‘Cases that Shocked a Nation.’ It even includes the Black Donnellys, a group of masked men who killed a family of five in Ontario back in the 1800s.

But a lot of the pages are taken up by people who terrorized BC.

“Kelly Ellard, Warren Glowatski, who were part of that horrible Reena Virk murder… there is, of course, Clifford Olson in here… spent many, many hours in the courtroom looking at him,” recalls Ken MacQueen with Macleans.

MacQueen covered Olson’s parole hearing, expecting to see a criminal genius. “In the end, what I saw — and what the parents of the children that he killed saw — was a bumbling, un-grammatical idiot.

He feels the issue shows that while Canada has a peaceful reputation, but there’s a dark side, too. The murder case that bothers him the most is Air India because the victims’ families are still waiting for justice.