VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Nearly 22 years after Michael Dunahee was taken from a Victoria playground, a book about his disappearance and his family’s life will now be released.

The book also includes a picture of Michael at age 4 and a sketch of what he would look like today. His mother, Crystal Dunahee is hoping you can take a good look at it.

“Maybe [it will] tug on those heart strings on somebody who knows something, or knows where Michael is. That’s what we keep hoping; [that we] we hit the right chord and make whoever knows something come forward and tell us.”

“[The book has] some of our personal information that people don’t always know. There are also some tips and ChildFind BC contact information in there as well, if you happen to find a missing child,” adds Crystal.

She has given countless interviews over the years and although it doesn’t get any easier, she says she has never given up hope on finding out what happened to her son.

Despite a $100,000 reward and thousands of tips since the day he disappeared in March 1991, there has still been no trace of him.

Fifty per cent of the profits from Vanished: The Michael Dunahee story by Valerie Green will go towards ChildFind BC, to help educate and prevent future abductions.

A fundraiser is also being held to coincide with today’s book launch.