VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – People in Vancouver are swimming and skating more than ever.
Not only are people using the Parks and Rec facilities more, they are using them longer.
The Park Board‘s Aaron Jasper says the increase is in part thanks to all the new facilities they’ve built since 2008.

“Just because times are tough, it almost sounds cliche, but when times are tough that’s when you should be investing in your infrastructure. Now we’re seeing it pay off in dividends. If you build it, people will come.”

Pools, skating rinks and outdoor fields seeing the biggest jumps.

Jasper thinks the higher numbers are also in large part due to planning.

“Keeping your programs affordable. We are very mindful to keep our costs in line with other municipalities. We also compete with the private-sector when it comes to some of our facilities. We have to be mindful of cost, but it’s also building the facilities,” he explains.

In the last four years, indoor pool usage is up 26 per cent, ice rinks up 40, and outdoor field use up a staggering 234 per cent.