NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The ordeal is not over for Ohly, a Bernese Mountain dog that went missing eleven days ago.

North Shore Rescue volunteers weren’t able to retrieve the dog from a gully, so it is spending yet another night on Mount Seymour.

The dog went missing while on a walk with a family friend and another dog on the mountain back on Nov. 25.

It was spotted Thursday at noon near a run, so its owners and the rescue volunteers were called in.

Tim Jones with North Shore Rescue says it was a frustrating exercise for his team of eight.

“We got within five feet of the dog, then it bolted. We were all on snowshoes, so we couldn’t chase it, especially on steep terrain. It was able to evade us,” he explains.

He thinks that because the dog is in survival mode, it wasn’t even responding to the site or sounds of its owners. “We feel the dog has gone aground and does not want contact with humans. It’s not going to die in there immediately.”

“He was in a rage, totally full of adrenaline. When he bolted, he was in full stride, so he has a lot left in him. When he comes out, it will be because he’s starving,” Jones describes.

He is hoping Ohly can find his own way home. “We set a track for the dog to get out, we cut steps for the dog to get out of steep terrain. The dog may follow that and get itself out safely.”

People concerned for the dog’s welfare stayed behind, and are trying to entice the dog out of a steep gully with barbecued meat.