PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Hundreds of people will gather at Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex this afternoon for the first annual Snowflake Walk, to fight bullying and to remember Amanda Todd.

Organizer Gary Muris believes everyone at one point or another has been bullied, and that type of behaviour is becoming increasingly violent.

“People can be much more vicious now because they no longer have so the words face to face, they can just post it online. The damage and consequences now are so much more vivid.”

Muris is hoping the event reaches out to anyone who has ever been picked on — especially if they never had the courage to say anything.

“We’re finding that bullying has no boundaries. Whether it’s youth, or gay, or lesbian, or young, or old, different races. Every person who is bullied is unique.”

Todd, 15, took her own life in October after posting a YouTube video documenting her struggles and torment of being harassed and picked on.

The name of the walk came from a nickname that Todd’s mother Carol used for her daughter, Princess Snowflake.