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Hundreds do the Snowflake Walk

PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Roughly 600 people took part in the first ever Snowflake Walk against bullying, an event held in memory of Amanda Todd, who died about two months ago.

The stroll, like many of the vigils since the teen’s death, drew people who have been personally affected by bullying.

“Last year, I got back-stabbed by these girls. I trusted them and then they told everyone all this bad stuff about me and it wasn’t fun. But now it’s over, so things will get better and stuff,” says Tessa.

“I just went through a while at school where this one person didn’t like me and then no one liked me. It just catches on,” says Rachel, who says being bullied is the worst feeling in the world.

Amanda Todd ended her own life in October, after enduring years of bullying. Weeks before her death, she had posted her story on YouTube.

The name of the walk came from a nickname that Todd’s mother Carol used for her daughter, Princess Snowflake.