VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The high cost of living is among the reasons being used to explain a steady drop in enrollment at the Vancouver School District.
The district expects the downward trend to continue for a number of years.

A school district report responding to questions about an ongoing enrollment decline concludes it’s all about the demographics.

Trustee Mike Lombardi says young families are living in the suburbs. “The affordability factor is very significant in Vancouver. Districts like Surrey are growing because the cost of living for homes is a lot more reasonable.”

Enrolment is expected to decline for three more years before leveling off.
The report also dismisses suggestions more students are leaving the school district in favour of independent schools, something that doesn’t surprise Lombardi.

“Vancouver schools compete with independent schools, and the results show that. I don’t think that’s usually a factor for parents, taking their kids out of the system, and I think the report confirmed that.”

The report shows the district’s market share of students has remained relatively steady over the years.