VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Parents everywhere shared the shock and horror at Friday’s elementary school shooting Connecticut. But what is the best way to talk to your children about what happened?

Jody Langlois is the Director of Instruction Learning Services with the Vancouver School Board says tragedy’s like this affect the whole community, and it’s natural for children to be curious about what happened.

“As adults we need to be the role models in remaining calm while at the same time validating to our children that this is very difficult time. And while we do that we have to try not to dwell on the subject with them.”

Langlois adds parents should avoid going into too much detail, and let their kids know it’s OK for them to feel anxious or afraid, but reassure them our school’s are a safe environment.

“Be as factual as possible but limit the details. If the child wants more information they will ask for more details. And obviously you’re going to speak in age-appropriate language for your child. You’ll speak a lot differently to a five-year-old than you would to a 15-year-old.”

She adds it’s also a good idea to keep kids in their regular routine, as that is calming. And maybe limit how much unsupervised time they have in front of the TV or on the computer.