VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Last week, we asked for your suggestions for News1130′s Top 12 of 2012.

You emailed, tweeted, and commented with your ideas, and it’s now time to put them to a vote. You can also email or tweet us why you think a story should make the final list.

On Monday December 17th, we’ll start counting down the top 12 news stories of the year.

The Top 25:

1) Amanda Todd suicide
2) Angus David Mitchell/standoff
3) BC politics
4) ‘Captain’ the dog found in dumpster
5) Colorado movie theatre shooting
6) Costa Concordia
7) Haida Gwaii earthquake
8) Hang glider death
9) Housing market cooling
10) Hurricane Sandy
11) Jerry Sandusky trial
12) John Furlong abuse allegations
13) Luka Magnotta
14) Marijuana legalization debate
15) New Port Mann Bridge
16) NHL lockout
17) Phone Prank/Nurse death
18) Pipeline protests
19) RCMP harassment lawsuit
20) RCMP officer death in Surrey crash
21) Snakehead fish found in Burnaby
22) Summer Olympics
23) Union Strikes (including BCTF job action)
24) US election
25) XL beef recall