DELTA (NEWS1130) – We may have dodged a weather bullet.

It looks like a storm surge predicted to cause flooding in Delta won’t be as bad as first thought. It is now predicted to hit overnight during low-tide, meaning low-lying areas are at less of a risk.

However, with strong winds expected to hit tomorrow morning, George Harvie with the City of Delta says they are still prepared for the worst. “Mayor Jackson and our Delta Council expect us to be prepared. So does our community.”

“These are never accurate, these forecasts; winds can change on a dime. We’ll be out there and we’re prepared to take action if we have to,” he tells us.

Harvie adds engineering crews are still checking dikes and waterfront areas with sand bags throughout the day. The following low-lying areas of Delta at risk for possible localized flooding tomorrow:

– Tsawwassen Beach
– Westham Island

Waterfront areas along the Tsawwassen First Nation may also be at risk.