RICHMOND (NEWS1130 – While the province talks about replacing the Massey Tunnel, there isn’t much discussion about the effect it would have on an important Richmond to Vancouver link.

The government is making no commitments about the Oak Street Bridge. The City of Vancouver isn’t asking for any, either.

However, City Councillor Geoff Meggs can’t imagine planning for decades of increased traffic.

“If we could provide desirable and acceptable alternatives to people, I am sure they would prefer to get into a comfortable rapid bus than sit, stalled in the Massey Tunnel. I think those are the kinds of answers we’ll have to look at,” he tells us.

A first round of consultations on the future of the tunnel has now wrapped up. The province says the options are wide-ranging, from a retrofit to a full replacement.

Meggs suggests the province avoid a massive re-working of the tunnel. “There’s all kinds of potential solutions… It’s hard for me to contemplate that we have another 50 years ahead of us of increasing traffic expansion there.”

The Transportation Ministry says as part of the Massey Tunnel planning, it will consider the impact it will have on the Oak Street Bridge.