VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Friday’s school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut has left people around the world struggling to understand what happened, many of them young children.
The Vancouver School Board is prepared to help answer any questions students or parents may have, or to help them deal with any emotions they may be feeling.

The VSB’s Jody Langlois says they have a Critical Incident Team going around to any schools that have asked for help this week.

“It’s a group of counselors, that are based in different schools during their regular counseling work, but in a time when extra support is needed in a school, they are dispatched to the school to help with whatever extra need there may be,” she explains.

Langlois stresses that BC schools are very safe, but have still prepared for the worst with regular lockdown drills.
“We do have procedures laid out that are easily accessible for any schools that feel that they need some assistance if they have kids coming into school upset, we have clear procedures that they know to pick up a phone and they can call and they’ll have extra support in their schools immediately, if they need it,” she describes.