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Liberal leadership hopeful Marc Garneau floats ban on assault rifles

OTTAWA – Liberal leadership hopeful Marc Garneau says there’s no reason assault rifles, like the one used to slaughter 20 young schoolchildren in Connecticut, should be available in Canada.

The Montreal MP says he’d look at banning semiautomatic weapons, like the military-style, .223-calibre Bushmaster used in last week’s massacre.

Garneau says he’d also go further than the Harper Conservatives in imposing “very severe” penalties on those who use guns in the commission of crimes.

And he’d restrict ownership of guns by people with a history of domestic violence or involvement in gangs.

He would not, however, revive the Liberal-created long-gun registry, which the Conservatives scrapped earlier this year.

Garneau says the registry was well-intentioned but divisive and, now that it’s gone, he wouldn’t bring it back.

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Statements like this are pure political posturing, Canada has a restricted firearms licence over and above a regular firearms licence that requires training, classes, and assesments before an individual may purchase a rifle like the bushmaster .223. The individual must be a member of a firing range club, and requires an authorisation to transport licence, where an individual may transport the rifle to and from the firing range directly, not deviating the route they use to get there. They may not be used for hunting or any other purpose, being incredibly tightly regulated. basically the only place the rifles are lawful is at the range.

This all takes months to go through every step reqiured and possibly years before the range’s assesment of the individual results in an authorisation to transport, not to mention that magazines purchased in canada carry a 5 rounds maximum, severely limiting the use of a high rate of fire in a criminal activity.

This is a totally different situation then the USA, and it is reflected in the fact that assault rifles are rarely used for anything other than their lawful purpose.

Marc Garneau os attempting to use these deaths to further his political aspirations at the cost of law abiding purposeful sporting activities. the checks and balances we have in place work because not just any nuthead can wait 7 days and buy an assault rifle.

December 19, 2012 at 6:31 am