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Search crews not giving up on out-of-bounds snowboarder

WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As each hour passes, hope dwindles; searchers have spent another cold night in treacherous terrain looking for an out-of-bounds snowboarder near Cypress Bowl.

Tim Jones with North Shore Rescue tells us the 33-year-old man from Vancouver went out of bounds in the Montizambert Creek area at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. “We got called right after midnight on Monday. So, it’s almost a 12 hour delay… we’re well behind this individual.”

Fresh crews overnight after an exhausting search all through yesterday; some of those initial crews got just a few hours’ sleep.

“It’s very difficult terrain to spot him in, specifically because he’s dressed in white clothing,” he adds. “We’re not going to give up on him, but we were not handed a great set of cards.”

“We will be concentrating in the creek drainages today. We were successful in getting some of them done yesterday… We had a brief conversation [with him yesterday] at 3 o’clock and then he turned his cell phone off; he’s conserving his battery.”

“We do believe that he is alive and he’s trying to get himself out,” he adds. “His profile is… he’s a tough guy. We’re not giving up on him.”

Police and North Shore Rescue have expressed a level of frustration that someone has once again ignored warnings and went out of bounds.