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Year-end interview: Adrian Dix

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It has been quite the year for Adrian Dix and 2013 could see him go from leader of the Opposition to premier of the province.

In a year-end interview, the NDP boss tells News1130 the key highlight for him was making stops in 80 communities and meeting with ordinary British Columbians, all while sticking to his promise to stay positive and avoid mud-slinging.

“It’s not that we don’t hold the government to account; we do, but I’m respectful of people and I don’t take cheap shots,” he explains. “In contrast, the Liberals have taken a very different approach.”

It’s an approach he thinks will backfire for the governing party. “I think people want to see a change and they’re responding positively to the way we’re doing things.”

His priorities for next year, besides winning the May provincial election? An emphasis on beefing up skills training, something he calls a key issue for the BC economy. “When I meet with people in manufacturing, they will tell you that we could hire people today if we had trained people available.”

Dix is also making no bones about boosting corporate taxes to 2008 levels and taxing banks and other financial institutions, too.

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May 14 2013

It will take a lot more than raising the corporate tax rate back to 2008 levels and putting the tax back onto banks to dig BC out of the hole that the BC Liberals have put her in. just look at all the revenue lost to government coffers from the sale of BC gas and BC rail now all revenue that came into BC coffers is now going to friends of the BC Liberals… then we got BC ferries or what’s left of it now under the BC Liberals and there Quasi privatisation scheme BC ferries is losing million every year in 2011 a net loss of 16.5 million dollars and that`s revenue lost from government coffers. then we has the once jewel of BC BC hydro and that crown corporation us to make money hand over fist for BC coffers .but now under the BC Liberals and thanks to Gordos contract with the run of the river independent power producers (IPP).BC hydro is losing millions upon millions ever year to the tune of $180 million dollars in the spring of 2012 alone. and that`s more money/ revenue that isn`t going to government coffers but is going to BC Liberals friends … Yep Dix is going to have to do a lot more then raise corporate tax and bank tax to clean up this mess

December 18, 2012 at 4:34 pm