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Missing snowboarder rescued

WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A daring, dangerous rescue on the North Shore has ended in success.

Late last night, a Canadian Forces Cormorant helicopter plucked missing snowboarder Sebastien Boucher off Black Mountain near Cypress. The 33-three year old snowboarder went out-of-bounds on Sunday.

Bruce Moffat with North Shore Rescue says searchers found him in a gully. “He’s just bulled his way… taken us on quite a journey through the mountains.”

“We wished that didn’t happen but it’s kept him warm… He’s a very fit guy [with a] great mental attitude, and he’s in amazing shape considering what he’s gone through,” explains Moffat.

Nicolas Potvin flew here from Ottawa to be with his friend, who he calls that guy who takes charge and “does his own thing.”

“He’s got that aura about him; he’s just a good person. We will make mistakes sometimes and that’s what happened when he went off trail, but we learn from our mistakes and thankfully he’ll be around to learn from his.”

He’s apparently suffering from exposure, but is stable with no major injuries.

Boucher’s mother, Micheline Simoneau, couldn’t be happier. “Those guys, the rescue people, thank God, they were angels. They’re the best in the world. It’s because of them he’s going to be fine after 25 hours.”

Potvin says he’ll wait until the doctors clear Boucher, and then he’ll punch him in the shoulder.

Media previewBoucher’s stepfather, Yvon Simoneau feels relieved, grateful and has other mixed emotions. “We may wring his neck first and then hug him after, especially after telling his mother that he was not going out of bounds on a snowboard.”

But Simoneau isn’t surprised he survived being out in the cold for three days. “[His friends] call him Rambo, and there’s a reason why they call him Rambo. If you think he’s going to cover five acres, he will have covered fifteen or twenty acres.”

Search efforts were hampered by poor weather and the risk of avalanches. Once Boucher was lifted off the mountain, he was brought to hospital only as a precaution.

Rescuers say being extremely fit helped him stay in excellent condition.

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Mr. Sarcastic

“He’s a very fit guy [with a] great mental attitude, ”

Attitude, sure. Aptitude, well, maybe not so much.

December 20, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    We are all people and we all make mistakes and we are not here to judge. i hope this individual learnt a lesson here and can couch others not to make the same error. I do however feel we all make choices in life and need to live with the consequences good or bad. Perhaps the fear of not being found is enough consequence or perhaps a fine would help here as well, not sure. Depends on the individual. When a person speeds and gets a fine after being stopped, it doesn’t necessarily mean he stops speeding, it’s just a consequence which is light in comparison to having an accident and harming someone or ones self. All about choice and consequence. Glad he’s safe and sound and hope he’s learnt his lesson. Merry Christmas all

    December 22, 2012 at 9:09 am