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  • mark bowman says:

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.My kemo treatments done and i got my birthday wish.
    Merry xmas to the hole crew and happy new year.

  • Mani Parhar says:

    You wish. lmfao

  • Joe Dewalt says:

    Funny,people clean the snow off your car !! I just seen a woman driving with her side windows covered in snow,and the hood,roof,back window also covered..People are very lazy these days…Guess if you cant text or no app on phone to clear the snow off lazy fat ignorant people dont do it..Isnt it against the law ? You can get a fine/points for that..

  • Pleased says:

    Just in time for Christmas. This is wonderful and exciting. Let’s all cheer for the snow. Love the soft white stuff. PLEASE CLEAN OFF YOUR CAR IDIOTS!

  • barbara smith says:

    Why are there so many semi truck problems ???? 90% of issues including accidents, stalls, break-downs this morning and of late have been on SEMI TRUCKS!! What is the problem?

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