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More bike lanes were cleared than major routes: councillor

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – While many major routes were impassable for drivers during yesterday’s snow storm, Vancouver bike lanes seemed to be bare and clear.

One city councillor admits he is frustrated by what was considered a priority during the madness. George Affleck is now calling for a report to be completed in January to pinpoint what happened.

“I saw a lot of craziness on Broadway yesterday with buses… and I saw a snow plow go by on Ontario [Street] to clear a bike lane,” he tells us, saying that’s totally unacceptable.

“When I see the kind of weather we had yesterday and I see buses skidding with many commuters and many people on it… and I see snow plows going down bike lanes, yeah it concerns me.”

Affleck also points out that many businesses did not keep their sidewalks clear, thinking the rain would wash away the ice, which it didn’t; many people slipped their way up and down hills, at times with the help of total strangers.

“I didn’t see Broadway cleared until about 5 p.m. yesterday,” he says.

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@Arno Whatever
Where do you get these facts from,I work for the city and this is definitely not the way things work.We were instructed by the mayors office to plow the bike lanes first and worry about the rest later.We heard one biker complained that he couldn’t ride his bike to work,probably the mayor!!!

December 22, 2012 at 9:11 pm