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New smart meters not automatically reporting power outages

LOWER MAINLAND (NEWS1130) – If you lost power yesterday during the storm, you still had to call BC Hydro to report the outage, even if you have a new smart meter installed.

Simi Heer with Hydro says that new technology is supposed to notify them automatically, but that isn’t happening yet.

“The team is using them for testing. However, the entire system is not up yet, so we still have meters to install and the smart network still needs to get in place as well.”

She says by next storm season, we should see shorter restoration time and you won’t have to call.

“The new meters will be able to notify us automatically when a problem has occurred and crews will be able to identify problems more quickly as well because the meters will help us pinpoint issues. Now, crews actually, at times, have to do a visual inspection of circuits to see if they can find a problem when an outage has occurred and with the smart meters and smart grid that will be pinpointed for them.”

At one point yesterday, there were 55,000 people in the Lower Mainland without power and Heer tells us crews had to deal with a lot of old technology.

“It’s quite a unique event when you have such a large storm move through a city like Vancouver where there are outages occurring throughout the day and crews are able to restore power to big chunks of circuits and then they move onto the smaller issues and those are things that you just have to knock off one at a time and it does take time.”

This winter season, if you lose power make sure you call BC Hydro to report the outage.

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Deb – sounds like you are one of the only folks to comment on this page that has any idea of what a smart meter actually does. Or the fact that these meters will save BC consumers over one billion dollars in theft over the next decade. Unless you enjoy paying money for power that people steal – over 100 million dollars a year, then you should keep quiet. You are paying for criminals to have power for free. Is that your idea of a good plan? Onto the RF, again these folks are very uneducated on the matter. Im sure they are writing their comments on their ipads, using wireless technology, with their microwave running in the background. RF is everywhere. Please feel free to disconnect yourself from all technology and then complain. Oh wait – that would be impossible. Before you run down BC Hydro, remember that they are your friends, families and neighbours. They would no more so expose themselves to any negative affects than they would the general public. Its sad when propoganda masquerades as truth, but unfortunately there will always be those misinformed souls who think they know better.

December 27, 2012 at 5:44 pm
R Kirk

And a big HURRAH for BC Hydro bringing in a system that will kill homeowners with pacemakers. Radiate family with pulsed RF in their own homes. Spending 3 billion dollars and not generate one extra once of power. Ask your hydro company how much electricity a smart meter uses to work.

December 24, 2012 at 12:20 am