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Too early to consider legal action over Port Mann; province

SURREY (NEWS1130) – The provincial government says now is not the time to discuss possible legal action against the Port Mann Bridge contractors.

For now, Transportation Minister Mary Polak says she’s focusing on ensuring there won’t be any more ice-bombs falling from the span if it snows again. “The largest priority for us is to ensure that whenever that bridge is open to the travelling public, that it is safe.”

“I can tell the public that the contractor is working cooperatively with us, we have a solid standard contract in place. So, of course, that outlines responsibilities in cases such as this,” she adds. “We’re also working together with the two Crown corporations, ICBC and TI Corp.”

Polak is assuring the public that everything that can be done, is being done. “We already have a team of engineers working with the contractors in order to sort out what a solution might be.”

She says it’s too early to say if the government will go after Kiewit-Flatiron.