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Number 7 of Top 12 of 2012

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – From the economy to health care (or Obama Care as it quickly became known), 60 per cent of Americans followed the US election with extreme closeness and passion.

We saw presidential debates with Mitt Romney on top, we saw some with Barack Obama on top.  Obama started his campaign in a vulnerable place; unemployment was high and economic growth, slow.  Many people felt though that Romney didn’t understand women’s issues nor did he understand the middle class people.

Obama gained major support from the African American, Hispanic, gay and lesbian, and under the age of 30 voters.

Romney led with the older and Caucasian voters.

The margin was close on the night of the election, voting went into the evening and Americans and people around the world stayed glued to their television screens in anticipation.

To win, the candidate needed 270 electoral votes, but Obama clinched the go ahead with 332.  Romney sat at 206 electoral votes in the end.

Obama and his family came out on the stage in Chicago.  Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ played in the background as the crowd danced and cheered.  Obama began his speech discussing high notes of optimism and hope but showed that he understood the work that lay ahead.

“I’ve never been more hopeful about our Future, about America.  I ask you to sustain that hope.”

History wasn’t just made with the re-election of a black president.

Making headlines around the world, our neighbours across the border voted on something that may have excited many people here in our province.

Voters chose to legalize pot in Washington State and Colorado.