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Addiction to smartphones is growing

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Who do you cuddle up with at the end of a long day?

If you’re like most Canadians, it’s not a “who” but a “what.”

The latest Rogers Innovation Report shows 62 per cent of us need to have our smartphone next to us. There’s actually a name for the fear that’s caused by being seperated from the gadget, it’s called “Nomophobia.”

The report also claims over 50 per cent of Canadians sleep with their smartphone, and 82 per cent text, surf the web, and talk with friends while on the toilet. It also suggests you’ll watch more TV and movies on the net and 65 per cent of us believe we’ll eventually be able to move from room-to-room without missing a single second of our favorite show, movie, or game.

“Consumers are absolutely passionate about their online connections. And, that’s only expected to increase as technology advances,” says Reade Barber, Vice President, Mobile and Fixed Internet at Rogers Communications. “From mobile banking and work flexibility, to downloading the latest e-book or watching the big game on the go, Canadians are doing more online today and will be even more connected in 2013 and beyond as they sign up for the fastest Internet speeds and the latest connected technologies.”

Among other findings, we expect to save two hours everyday using our phones from home, cars, even the bathroom. We’re also keen on being able to use our own phone at work, with 72 per cent of Canadians believing their employers will allow them to use their own iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device on the job. In fact, almost 60 per cent of consumers believe that thanks to Cloud services and faster Internet connections, more of us will be able to work from home.

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Andy, you are so right! Here is another scenario for Tommy. If you are about to make your wedding vows in front of a JP, priest, or whomever you have chosen for the legalities, are you going to look your future wife in the face and say ‘I DO’, or are you going to tweet her or text message the answer? If your doctor asks you ‘where does it hurt’? Are you going to tell him point blank face to face or point to your electronic device for an answer? Get the message? Oh, maybe I should tweet it to you. By the way, I retired at age 49 and am now 55 years old. I got to retire early due to hard work and wise investments and not one of those items was communicated upon some hand held electronic device other than the desk telephone handset! It was all done face to face with my employer, financial advisor and spouse. Time for you to grow up, Tommy.

December 27, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Tommy, you may or may not be correct, I am getting older every day as are we all, but at the same time I think people are missing out by sharing conversations by smartphone only. Where is the body language, facial expressions, tears of sadness or joy, etc.? The fullest human experience to me anyway, cannot be shared by using an electronic device. JMHO. What about my comment about people crossing the road with their faces planted in their device? How do you explain the wanton disregard for everything around these people? It is an addiction, plain and simple. What do these people do when they go lets’ say camping? They sit around the campfire wishing their devices could get reception? I have seen this myself, it is so silly. They sit there almost convulsing because they don’t know what to do with themselves. A whole generation is losing contact with themselves. So Tommy, and I say this with the utmost of respect for your generation, think twice about what you said, you may find that the ‘old people’ know things the young have yet to learn and sometimes enjoy interacting with other via face to face contact.

December 27, 2012 at 3:32 pm