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Your wallet will get a workout in 2013

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Property taxes, MSP fees and commuting costs top a list of your extra expenses in the Canadian Taxpayers Federation‘s annual report for 2013.

Jordan Bateman with the CTF fears this year’s new expenses could be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and says it’s disappointing. “Inflation is about 1.3 percent this year and governments that say they’re trying to keep their increases targeted at that…well, they’re failing miserably. BC Hydro we’re looking at an almost a 4 percent increase.  TransLink fares are going up 10 percent.”

The report also points out half-price Port Mann tolls will end in March and regional property taxes keep going up.

The CTF also says Medical Services Plan premiums have incresed, going from $128 per month for a family to $133 a month. Bateman says this is a 24 per cent increase over the past three years.

The federal government is also going to take more in Employment Insurance premiums. British Columbians earning at least $47,400 will pay $51.50 more in EI next year.

As for the Canadian Pension Plan, anyone earning over $51,100 will pay $49.50 more in contributions in 2013.