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Majority of residents want a regional police force: poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You want to see a regional police force.

That’s the feeling of most in Metro Vancouver, following the Missing Women’s Inquiry.

In an online survey conducted by Angus Reid, 57 per cent of those polled support the creation of a single police force to look after the Lower Mainland.

Mario Canseco with Angus Reid says the concept is more popular amongst men and those over the age of 55. “We’ve been asking the same question since 2008. We asked it after the riots, we asked it also when we had several killings in Metro Vancouver.”

Canseco says support for a regional police force has remained steady through the years.

Of those polled, three-in-five support a fund being set up for the children of missing women; 91 per cent of people in BC would like to see an improvement to police policies when it comes to missing people.

In his final report, Inquiry Commissioner and former Attorney General Wally Oppal made 63 recommendations, that included the creation of a Greater Vancouver regional police force.

He also identified seven failures in police investigations that may be the reason why serial killer Robert Pickton wasn’t arrested sooner.