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Number 3 of Top 12 of 2012

PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Her video and suicide touched millions of people and prompted bullying discussions all over the world.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Todd took her own life after being tormented online and at school.

If you watched her eight minute video posted on YouTube ,you’ll see her holding cue cards saying things like “I was alone,” “I have nobody” and “I need someone.”

It was the Port Coquitlam teenager’s story about her struggle with bullying.

The video went viral shortly after her death in early October. Many reacted with feelings of empathy and compassion.

But as her mother Carol Todd explained at her daughter’s memorial, not everyone had nice things to say.

“Having lost a child is hard enough, then to see hurtful things said about her on social media is just another form of bullying behaviour which makes the grieving and recovery process even that much more difficult,” says Todd while holding back tears.

But the tragedy did spark change.

It triggered all levels of government to work on a strategy to end bullying and prompted communities to hold forums to tackle the issue.

It helped give other victims of bullying a chance to speak up, as one of Amanda’s close friend’s Sophia says, it’s what the teen would’ve wanted.

“She really wanted to help other people, and she really wanted to make a difference, so to know that from something so negative, something so positive can come of it, and so  many people are joining together to make such a difference, is really inspiring and touching,” she explains.

A trust fund and annual walk in her honour have been set up, but her real legacy lives on through her story which impacted many who didn’t even know her.