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Increased transit fares now in effect

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Beginning today, transit users are paying more to take the bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus

TransLink says the latest hike works out to about two per cent per year since the last increase back in 2008 and it is intended to cover the cost of inflation.

The transit authority hopes to generate $32 million to used to help maintain the system.

Transit users aren’t happy about it; some say its “not fair,” “ridiculous,” and “wish the service could be improved.”

“That’s a big price hike. It seems like a lot all in one go. The ferries go up… all the transit seems to go up/ I’m wondering if that’s going to mess up my student pass,” says Jordan.

“It sucks to have to pay five bucks to run a couple of errands, I wish it was free,” adds John.

“I get why they’re doing it because so many people don’t pay for the B-Line and don’t pay for the SkyTrain. I always pay for it and now I have to pay more for it,” complains Emily.

A regular one zone adult fare is now $2.75. Two zones is $4, and three zones is now $5.50.

Transit fares, effective today:

CASH FARES Adult Concession
Regular faresWeekday service from start of service to 6:30 p.m. 1 zone $2.75 $1.75
2 zones $4.00 $2.75
3 zones $5.50 $3.75
Discount faresWeekdays after 6:30 p.m. and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays All zones $2.75 $1.75
PREPAID FARES Adult Concession
Monthly FareCard 1 zone $91.00 $52.00for all zones
2 zones $124.00
3 zones $170.00
FareSaver TicketsBook of 10 1 zone $21.00 $17.50
2 zones $31.50 N/A
3 zones $42.00 N/A
DayPass $9.75 $7.50

West Coast Express fares also goes up by about 12.5 per cent.