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CTF praises move to replace BC's auditor general

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A decision by a BC Liberals’ committee to replace Auditor General John Doyle is getting support from at least one group. That’s despite backlash from critics, specifically the NDP.

Those against the move to replace John Doyle say he has done well in holding the government accountable and should stay in the role.

Jordan Bateman with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has nothing but praise for Doyle, but says auditors general should be cycled in and out every so often to ensure total independence. He adds what’s not wanted is an AG trying to renew his or her contract by easing up on government.

“Taxpayers need to have fiercely independent officers looking over the books and other aspects of government,” says Bateman. “By taking away any kind of possibility they could be reappointed, there would never be the temptation to ease up on government.”

“Doyle has been incredibly tough from the beginning.”

“I don’t think anyone would say he’s eased up on the Liberals at any point during this term but that could very much be the exception, not the rule,” he argues, adding the move is needed to set precedence.

Critics believe the BC Liberals have made the decision for political reasons.

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Avery Moore

So, how does this work again?

BC’s most trusted, respected, and aggressive Auditor General – the one person most likely to act in the taxpayers’ best interest by uncovering and denouncing government waste, fraud, and duplicitousness – must be allowed no more than 1 term and then – regardless of stellar performance – just rotate away to oblivion? That’s how government should work?

Fire the best talent?

Is that how any business operates? Since when?

And oops! Voters also should refrain from recognizing that this termination is to happen immediately prior to the release of details surrounding the BC Rail and other scandals? Despite his work, Doyle will have to move back to Oz. Can he testify from there? That’s how Justice should work?

Or is this latest sophistry one more stunningly partisan and stupid assertion by another BC lib insider?

Gotta ask: Is there no limit to how ridiculous and supine these fellows will get?

And Adrian Dix, assuming he is willing to demonstrate any backbone, should state unequivocally that when the NDP forms the next government Doyle will be back at work protecting BC taxpayers.

Adrian. stop playing headless chicken. For a Big Change – Prove you’re worth the votes.

January 11, 2013 at 7:43 pm

Thanks to John for his detailed and credible background to the history of this group, its political roots, and naming the politicos and politicians who are part of its fabric. Readers should recognize many of them and see the pattern. Good on you.

January 10, 2013 at 7:04 pm