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BC looking at industry-backed oil spill clean up plan

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The province wants to make polluters financially responsible as the government looks to change how it responds to oil spills.

A meeting between the environment ministry and the oil industry wrapped up this afternoon and oil companies may be on board.

When a mess is made, it will be dealt with by the company involved instead of the taxpayer.

Brenda Kenny is President of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association.

“And many of the best standards are being applied, such as incident command centres. But can we learn from each other? And also make sure that across British Columbia in each region we’ve applied the best of the best.”

But she says history suggests there isn’t a need for a fund like this. “But we are open to that discussion, sometimes I think there are smaller companies that don’t have the where-width-all should they run into an issue that they haven’t anticipated.”

Kenny says the environment needs to be protected and taxpayers should not be on the hook if there is an issue.