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First invoices going out to users of new Port Mann Bridge

SURREY (NEWS1130) – At least 620,000 invoices are going out in the next few weeks for drivers who have used the new Port Mann Bridge.

Max Logan with the Transportation Investment Corporation says so far things are going as expected. “We’re certainly pleased with the high number of registered users we see using the bridge on an average weekday morning or weekday evening. We’re seeing about 75 per cent of those commuters that have registered and are using a decal.”

Logan says some fluctuation is happening with the number Lower Mainland commuters but he expects that to stabilize in the next few weeks.

“It typically takes two to three months after tolling is implemented for traffic patterns to settle down as people try the new tolled crossing and try some of the other routes as well.”

Most statements will be sent to registered TReO customers but many of those will not show an amount owing because although they’ve travelled across the bridge, they haven’t used up the free trips they’ve received for registering early.

Of the outgoing invoices, 40 per cent of them will be sent to people who have crossed but did not register for accounts.

TReO says with more than two million crossings and transactions per month, some errors can be anticipated.

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John B

They billed me in error for a crossing i did not do, so i called and complained and they checked the photo and saw it was not me, I was told i would get a credit on my next invoice. I just got my that invoice and they did not give me a credit.
I wonder how other drivers that are trying to scam out of a refund. They refused to give me a claim number when i called on the first error and promised that it would be fixed on the next bill.
If they don’t give me a refund I will sue them in BC small claims for my time and hassles.
They do not have a direct email address, all emails must get done while you are on their website.

March 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm